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Our graduate movers are thoroughly trained. Residential moves, commercial relocation to labor only moving help! We can Handle any of your move needs! We can even do the packing or your boxes!

Moving 7 Days A Week!

With our flexible scheduling, Our moving company is ready whenever you are. With our "A La Carte" service you can choose a moving time that suits you best!

Low Cost Local Moving!

We'll move where you move! Whether you're moving across the nation, or moving across the street, Mover's Academy will make the move easy and affordable!

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The customer really does come first. Unlike most moving companies, we understand that moving is a life changing event, NOT just a move. We strive to be more skilled, more knowledgeable and more prepared than other movers. We want to make your graduation event the best ever!

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Along with protecting your furniture, Mover's Academy understands that both moving locations are priorities as well. Our Graduate Mover's pad and protect the floors, doors and the railings on  both sides of the move. See Photos of our work here!


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Our billing system is simple and easy to understand. Take a look at our price options for your move.

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